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Losing Weight is Easier than Keeping it Off

ALMOST everyone who struggles with weight has been there:  Losing weight was the easy part, but the biggest battle is keeping it off.  So why is long-term weight maintenance so difficult? Some experts claim that it is due to a … Continue reading

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366-Day Potato Only Diet

Have you ever been on one of those fad ‘diets’ where you are restricted to eating a certain food but in unlimited quantities?  Probably the one that was most ‘famous’ back in the 70’s was the grapefruit diet where you … Continue reading

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3 Hilarious Ways to Lose Weight

Weight loss fads come and go – and over the years there have been some pretty radical and very funny ideas.  However, once people tried out these ‘fantastic’ weight loss aids (and realised that they didn’t work!), they simply disappeared.   … Continue reading

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Children Using Diet Shakes on the Rise

Having children is the biggest life-long responsibility you will ever have.  When you consider that you ‘mould’ your children’s development – in terms of their behaviour, manners and personality – then it is important that you are always a good … Continue reading

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Doctor Oz Versus Big Pharma

Last week, the USA Senate conducted a hearing on false diet-product scams and Doctor Oz had to ‘face the music’ regarding his blatant endorsement of natural weight-loss herbs on his TV show.  Senator Claire McCaskill stated that Doctor Oz was … Continue reading

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Fad Diets Are Bad Diets

You may be looking for a quick way to drop some kilograms and there’s no shortage of ‘fad diets’ to pick from.  While these ‘diets’ may provide you with short-term results, they are very difficult to sustain and, ultimately, they … Continue reading

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THE 5:2 DIET – Does It Really Work?

The latest ‘fad’ diet doing the rounds is the 5:2 diet.  In a nutshell, you eat normally 5 days a week, but for the remaining 2 days you must fast.  When I say ‘fast’ it is not total food abstinence:  … Continue reading

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New UK Obesity Pill is a Whole Lot of Hot Air

I love blogging about the ‘latest’ weight loss diet / drug / fad – and the more peculiar they are, the better!  This one fits right in the ‘Are You Serious?’ category:  Scientists in the UK have just released a … Continue reading

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Tapeworm Weight Loss…Really?

I am constantly amazed by the lengths that some people will go to in the quest of dropping excess kilograms – honestly, I think it’s more of a strange fascination.  It’s hard to believe that people are willing to compromise … Continue reading

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