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How To Overcome Your Bad Food Choice

There is nothing worse than having a plan to eat healthy all day and then, at morning tea, someone in the office is having a birthday.  Next thing you know, you find yourself enjoying a piece of birthday cake…so much … Continue reading

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Beating Psychological Hunger

I think we all know the feeling – you have finished dinner and now relaxing on the couch watching TV.  Suddenly, during the ad break, you are up and checking out what’s in the fridge.  Are you really hungry?  You … Continue reading

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Debunking Nutritional Myths – Part 7

Welcome to the 7th installment of our ‘Debunking Nutritional Myths’ blog series.  For the past six week, I have been exposing nutritional lies and then setting the record straight with plain and simple facts.  Today, I want to talk about … Continue reading

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Pizza Vending Machine – the Latest in Fast Food

While we know we are one of the ‘fattest’ nations in the world, we seem to be ignoring the warnings and spending huge amounts of money on fat and calorie-saturated fast foods.  Did you know that Australians are expected to … Continue reading

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Let Them Eat Cake (Not Fruit)

I wanted to continue my blog with further information about ‘Smart Shopping’, however I stumbled across an article this week that I need to share with you – purely because I am totally horrified!  The latest data released by the … Continue reading

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Morbid Obesity Kills Child

You may remember a few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about a 2 year old boy who underwent  dramatic obesity surgery in order to lose weight. (see blog here:  https://loseweightwithsue.wordpress.com/2013/09/23/obese-two-year-old-gets-weight-loss-surgery/) .  I mean, I think this is an appalling … Continue reading

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14 Year Old Burger a Cause for Concern

You know that if you left a piece of bread on a plate on your kitchen bench for 2 weeks, it would be covered in mould and not at all suitable to eat!  I mean, fresh food will go ‘off’ … Continue reading

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Who Eats Less Than a Model?

Fashion models have a long history of being criticized for their unhealthy eating habits – I mean, some of them barely eat at all!  I must confess I have to raise my hand too when it comes to being guilty of accusing models of poor eating practices   (see … Continue reading

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