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When is the Best Time to Exercise

Exercise:  we all know that it can help you to achieve your weight loss goals much quicker, but there has long been debate about WHEN is the best time to exercise.   This week, we want to help you decide by … Continue reading

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Ten Strategies for Avoiding the Killer Kilogram Christmas Crisis

December is here and Christmas parties are in full swing.  Last week I blogged about the best drink choices you can make while out celebrating (see here:  https://loseweightwithsue.wordpress.com/2016/11/29/best-drinks-for-weight-loss-this-festive-season/) , so I want to continue with the theme and pass 10 … Continue reading

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Avoiding Weight Gain At Work

Firstly let me begin this blog with an apology.  I must say that this blog would have been useful about 2 weeks ago (prior to Melbourne Cup).  But it was Melbourne Cup that really prompted me to write this blog … Continue reading

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Beating Psychological Hunger

I think we all know the feeling – you have finished dinner and now relaxing on the couch watching TV.  Suddenly, during the ad break, you are up and checking out what’s in the fridge.  Are you really hungry?  You … Continue reading

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Four Simple Ways to Spring-Clean Your Diet

Warmer days are almost here which means the excuses to ‘comfort food’ eat are coming to an end.  The onset of warm weather is the best time to overhaul eating habits and commit to change. Whether your goal is to eat better or lose weight, … Continue reading

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Eating Healthy on a Budget

With the price of food rising, eating healthily while trying to stick to a budget can be challenging.   However, while healthy eating out can be expensive (in fact, just as expensive as unhealthy eating out!), that’s not to say healthy eating … Continue reading

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Winter Weight Loss Tips

Congratulations – you have almost made it to the winter halfway mark, which means there is only about six weeks of shivering & walking around in your ugg boots to go.  How is winter treating you so far?  I hope … Continue reading

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Top Tips for A Top Nights’ Sleep

If you follow our blog, you would have seen last week that a good nights’ sleep is vital for weight loss (see link here:  https://loseweightwithsue.wordpress.com/2016/06/21/improve-sleep-lose-weight/).   However, you just may be one of those people would love to have a full … Continue reading

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What NOT to do if You Want to Lose Weight

You have made the decision to lose weight – good on you.  However, if you are getting frustrated with your efforts, don’t think you are alone.  Losing weight is not that easy and there are certain things you should NOT … Continue reading

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Avoiding Christmas Over-Consumption Crisis!

Santa will have been and gone by the end of the week, which means we entering the diet-nightmare known at Christmas.  What do you do?  Our blog this week is all about getting you through the festive season so you … Continue reading

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