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Proof That You Should Throw Out The Scales

If you are currently losing weight, you are probably very familiar with your set of scales.  After all, aren’t these the best ‘indicator’ you have to see if you are losing weight successfully?  Well, unfortunately, they are not.  Just check … Continue reading

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When is the Best Time to Exercise

Exercise:  we all know that it can help you to achieve your weight loss goals much quicker, but there has long been debate about WHEN is the best time to exercise.   This week, we want to help you decide by … Continue reading

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Debunking Nutritional Myths – Part Six

There is a lot of misinformation about what is ‘good’ and ‘bad’ for you in terms of weight loss and diet.  This week, I am continuing the blog series on debunking nutritional myths and am focusing on something that is … Continue reading

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Top Nine Calorie Burners

Deciding to eat healthier to lose weight is great – however, the best way to get to your goal quicker is to exercise so you ‘burn off’ the excess calories AND fat cells.  If you have been meaning to start … Continue reading

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3 Reasons You Should Exercise (besides Weight Loss)

We all know that regular exercise is vital part of your weight loss program – quite simply, exercise just helps your body to ‘burn up’ those extra calories quicker and helps to improve your metabolism.  However, this is not the … Continue reading

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More Exercise Needed to Beat Battle of the Bulge

It’s no secret that Australia is in the grips of an obesity epidemic.  Health experts are working together to try and ‘fight’ the battle of the bulge and, as a result, have recently revised the guidelines for the recommended  time … Continue reading

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