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Proof That You Should Throw Out The Scales

If you are currently losing weight, you are probably very familiar with your set of scales.  After all, aren’t these the best ‘indicator’ you have to see if you are losing weight successfully?  Well, unfortunately, they are not.  Just check … Continue reading

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Ten Strategies for Avoiding the Killer Kilogram Christmas Crisis

December is here and Christmas parties are in full swing.  Last week I blogged about the best drink choices you can make while out celebrating (see here: , so I want to continue with the theme and pass 10 … Continue reading

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Avoiding Weight Gain At Work

Firstly let me begin this blog with an apology.  I must say that this blog would have been useful about 2 weeks ago (prior to Melbourne Cup).  But it was Melbourne Cup that really prompted me to write this blog … Continue reading

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Unconventional Weight Loss Tips

‘Just eat less and exercise more’ – how many times have you heard people say that this is the key to weight loss? The problem is you might try to do this for a number of days (or even weeks) … Continue reading

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Improve Sleep, Lose Weight

If you are trying to lose weight, it’s not just about food and exercise – the quality of your sleep will impact on your results too.  An analysis by researchers at Columbia University found that people that sleep less than … Continue reading

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What NOT to do if You Want to Lose Weight

You have made the decision to lose weight – good on you.  However, if you are getting frustrated with your efforts, don’t think you are alone.  Losing weight is not that easy and there are certain things you should NOT … Continue reading

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Tips to Keep Weight Off in Winter

It’s here whether you like it or not.  Winter has arrived with a vengeance and, to be perfectly honest, it is true that you are most prone to putting on weight compared to any other time of the year.  This … Continue reading

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