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What is a Weight Loss Plateau

There is nothing more disheartening than being really ‘good’ all week and then jumping on the scales to see that they have not budged!  A weight loss plateau can really ‘make or break’ your will-power, however, don’t think that the … Continue reading

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3 Things About Successful Weight Loss You Never Knew

Going on a ‘diet’ to lose weight is one thing – but the key to successful weight loss is making a conscious decision to shed the kilograms and keeping focussed on your goal until you reach it.  Sounds simple in … Continue reading

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3 Ways to ‘Get Off’ the Weight Loss Plateau

If your New Years’ resolution was to lose weight – and you have been dropping the kilos beautifully – but what happens if you hit the wall and your weight won’t budge?  It can definitely deflate your motivation when you … Continue reading

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