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The Two Most Common Weight Loss Excuses

As a weight loss consultant, I have literally dealt with 100’s (actually, probably more like 1000’s) of clients who have come to see me to get help in reaching their goal weight.  It’s a very rewarding job when your client … Continue reading

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2017 is Here – Time to Get Serious With Your Weight Loss

Christmas and New Years’ Eve have been and gone so now the partying is over.  All of the indulgent ‘Christmas’ food has disappeared from your fridge and you probably are back at work too.  While you may have had a … Continue reading

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What is Stopping You From Losing Weight?

You are not happy with the way you look and you know you need to lose weight…so what is stopping you?  There may be 101 reasons why you aren’t ready to lose weight, however, it may just boil down to … Continue reading

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