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Are Acai Bowls Really Good For You?

If you have been out for breakfast lately, I bet you have noticed that one of the choices on the menu is an Acai Bowl.  Their popularity has absolutely boomed in the past 2 years, and they are touted as … Continue reading

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Say Goodbye to Cottee’s Cordial – An Aussie Legend

It’s great to sit back and reflect on your childhood memories:  do you remember what you used to drink on a long, hot summers’ day?  If you are aged over 35, I bet it was cordial!  Speaking from personal experience, … Continue reading

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Four Reasons to Avoid Excess Sugar

While you may have heard about the evils of sugar, there are two types with quite different effects on the body.  There are sugars that naturally occur in foods:  fruit, for example, contain all-natural fructose which gives it a ‘natural’ … Continue reading

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