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Proof That You Should Throw Out The Scales

If you are currently losing weight, you are probably very familiar with your set of scales.  After all, aren’t these the best ‘indicator’ you have to see if you are losing weight successfully?  Well, unfortunately, they are not.  Just check … Continue reading

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Daniela Wins The Natural Way’s Slimmer Celebration Competition

The Natural Way has been helping their clients lose weight for over 35 years – and we are very proud of every one of our weight loss clients’ achievements!  Each year, we put our successful clients’ in the spotlight and … Continue reading

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BMI Not Best Way to Work Out Your Ideal Weight

BMI (Body Mass Index) is a calculation that doctors and health care professionals will use to determine if you are at a healthy weight.  Recently, the BMI has been receiving a lot of criticism for being ‘flawed’ in its relatively … Continue reading

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