Proof That You Should Throw Out The Scales

If you are currently losing weight, you are probably very familiar with your set of scales.  After all, aren’t these the best ‘indicator’ you have to see if you are losing weight successfully?  Well, unfortunately, they are not.  Just check out the photo below – how much weight do you think this woman lost?

How much weight do you think Adrienne lost?  You will be surprised

How much weight do you think Adrienne lost? You will be surprised







You have to admit, Adrienne’s before and after shot look amazingly different!  You would think that she must have lost at least 10kg (or more).  But can you believe she only lost 2lb (which is equivalent to 900g…less than 1kg)?  It seems crazy but it is true – you can read more here:

Adrienne has basically hit the gym and built quite a lot of muscle (while losing a huge amount of fat) – the results are stunning YET if we were only going on what the scales were telling us, we would be thinking , ‘how disappointing, she didn’t even lose a full kilogram’.  You hear it all the time, but it is true:  exercise that involves resistance training will certainly help you to shred fat and strengthen muscles: but muscle is much heavier than fat!

At The Natural Way, are not big fans of the scales.  Don’t get me wrong, we definitely weigh our clients but more importantly, we measure our clients every week.  The tape measure is a much more accurate guide to how the weight loss program is going.  Better still, the best monitor of your weight loss is your clothes – try on a pair of jeans that are tight and keep trying them on once a week, every week to see that you are losing weight.  Or notice if you can tighten your belt by one more hole after a couple of weeks.  These are actual physical signs of your body changing shape:  who needs the numbers on the scales (which are often inaccurate), when you can gauge it with your own garments?

If you want to find out more about our program, call your closest clinic on 1300 SLIMMER (1300 754663) and make a FREE appointment to find out more.  You can check out our website too at:

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I am a naturopath for The Natural Way.
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