Stop Putting Off Weight Loss

We are four weeks into 2017, so I am hoping that those of you who wanted to lose weight this year have well and truly started your weight loss program.  And if you haven’t, I want to know why not?

It’s really easy to say you want to lose weight – but let’s face it, it’s much harder doing it.  If you really want or need to lose weight but keep putting it off until tomorrow, next week, or even later in the future, you’re not serious about weight loss.
thebesttimetostartThe fact of the matter is that there is no perfect time to lose weight:   you will always have to deal with stress, special events (like weddings, birthdays etc), work and just life in general.  So there’s no better way to get started than to jump right in today.

The best way to get started today is to tell someone about it – let your partner and / or family know that today is the day you are committing to being healthier, so they can support (or maybe even join) you in your quest to lose weight.  Also, take time to think about your goals and write them down:  what weight would you like to be?  When would you like to achieve your goal by?  If the long term goal is too big, break it down into smaller ‘mini’ goals e.g. you would like to lose 6kg by the end of February.  Finally, think about some behaviours you need to change in order to reach your goals – for example, it may be getting out of bed 45 minutes earlier everyday to go for a walk and making sure you drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day.   By sharing your weight loss journey, making goals and committing to healthier behaviours, you will stay accountable and be in the right ‘head space’ to achieve your dream weight.

If all of this sounds great in theory but impossible to put into practice, then you need to procrastinate no more and phone The Natural Way (call 1300 754 663 to speak to your closest clinic).   Our professionally trained consultants know how to motivate you from day one so you can feel constantly guided and supported all the way to your goal weight.  So if you have the ‘will’ but not the ‘will-power’, we can help you today.  After 35 years of helping 1000’s of Australians lose weight, we know we have a program that can work for you.

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About Lose Weight With Sue

I am a naturopath for The Natural Way.
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