Do Zero Calorie Foods Really Exist?

Happy New Year!  No doubt some of you are desperately trying to undo all of the ‘bad’ habits that you may have adopted over Christmas i.e. eating and drinking far too much.  If you have been wondering what you should be eating, you may have seen a news article in the last week which talks about the 20 Zero Calorie Foods.  These foods include celery, kale etc (see more here:   But is there such a thing?





The theory behind zero calorie or negative calorie foods is that they contain such a scant amount of calories that the energy you expend eating them cancels out their calories. In essence the bottom line is that these foods are quite low in calories, so as you consume them, you end up burning calories as you eat them.

So, based on the premise of the zero calorie theory, if you just ate the 20 foods as outlined in the article above and nothing else, you should be dropping kilograms at a rapid rate.   Could this be possibly true?  Well, unfortunately not!

These 20 Zero Calorie foods actually all have calories e.g. apple is the first food on the list, yet a medium sized one contains around 70 calories.  So if you ate 10 apples in a day that would be a calorie intake of 700 calories.  I don’t believe that your digestive system would ‘burn’ 700 calories in the breakdown and absorption of the apples.  Also, if you only ate the 20-Zero Calorie foods, in the quest for rapid weight loss, you would be eating a very unbalanced (and therefore unhealthy) diet which would only lead to blood sugar lows, hunger, enormous cravings and nutritional deficiencies.

So while there is nothing wrong with eating the Zero calorie foods, due to their high fibre content and relatively low calorie content, they should be a part of a meal that contains healthy, lean protein and / or Low GI carbohydrates.

If you are confused about how you should ‘kick start’ your weight loss program in 2017, then you need to come and see The Natural Way.  We have been helping our clients to lose weight for over 35 years, so we know we have a plan that will work for you – best of all, you won’t feel deprived when you are on our program.  The meals are wholesome and family-friendly.  Find out more by calling your nearest clinic on 1300 SLIMMER (1300 754 663) or visit our website:



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I am a naturopath for The Natural Way.
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