Best Drinks For Weight Loss This Festive Season

With Christmas less than a month away, it’s definitely party season.  While parties are a great time, they are also fraught with potential side-effects such as overindulgence, hangovers etc.  It’s great to let your hair down, but if you don’t keep tabs on what you are eating and drinking during Christmas celebrations, you might find that come January, you are carrying a few extra kilograms.  This week, I want to let you know what your best, lowest-calorie drink options are so you can make the best choices while indulging in some festive fun.

Basically, the lowest calorie alcoholic drinks that you need to stick to are:

  • Beer: The lower carb and lighter in alcohol, the lower in calories is the beer.  These ones are the best choices: Pure Blonde mid-strength (90 cals / 355ml bottle), Hahn Superdry ( 85 cals / 330ml bottle), and Big Head (90 cals / 330ml bottle).  The ultimate best choice however is called Schlossgold at a tiny 65cals / 330ml bottle.  It is available at Dan Murphys (see pic below) and only .4% alcohol.
Lowest alcohol and calorie beer on the market!

Lowest alcohol and calorie beer on the market!







  • Wine: The more dry, dilute and lower in alcohol the wine is, the less calories it will contain.  So (in whites) your classic Sav Blancs, Chablis or Chardonnays are great – no Moselle or sweet dessert type.  A 120ml glass of one of these whites would be around 75 cals.      If red wine is more your thing, the dry reds (shiraz, claret etc) are slightly higher at 80 cals / 120ml glass.  The best way to halve your calories is dilute the wine – fill a wine glass full of ice and pour wine over it OR try half wine / half soda.  The best choice is a low alcohol wine – Lindemans have a Dry White in their Early Harvest range that is only 60 cals / 120ml glass (and half that again if you drink half wine / soda) – Early Harvest have a wide selection in their low alcohol range, including shiraz and sparkling.
  • Champagne: the same rules apply.  The lower the alcohol of the champagne, the less calories it contains.  Keep an eye out for Yellowglen Jewel – a 120ml glass only has 50 calories compared to 85 cals for a glass of the full-strength bubbles.  The main problem though with champers compared to the recommended wines is that it has contains more carbohydrate i.e. a glass of dry wine has 0g carb compared to around 3g carb for champagne.
  • Spirits:  only drink half nips and only mix with soda or diet softdrink.  Half a nip of scotch and soda will only set you back a tiny 30 calories, WINNING!  So if you mix your half nip of spirits in a tall glass with a lot of ice, you can enjoy a drink with minimal damage to your waistline.  Forget about pre-mix spirits or UDL cans – even a Bundy rum and diet coke can has 100 cals, which is just a bit too high, especially if you can have just a half nip of rum and diet coke for 30 cals.
  • Liquers: Forget it!  Far too high in sugar, carb and calories.  Just don’t go there as they are so moreish, you will just overdo it!

And the prime rule for having a drink over Christmas – make sure you have 1 glass of water for every alcoholic drink – seriously!  This is a way to pace yourself (who wants a hangover anyway?), minimise calorie consumption and ensure you stay hydrated.

The Natural Way are offering a complete Christmas Program this year which is jam-packed full of great weight loss advice and tips to ‘survive’ this crazy time of the year.  If you would like to get your own copy or if you just want expert advice in losing weight (and yes, there is no need to wait for the New Year – you still have time to lose a few kilos by Christmas), call 1300 SLIMMER (1300 754663) to make a FREE appointment with your nearest clinic.  We know we have the BEST program to help you to lose weight and keep it off – FOREVER!

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