Jenny Has a New Body & Personality

Jenny McCarthy felt very unhappy and depressed about her weight which really took at toll on her whole outlook on life.  She was self-conscious and rarely went out because of the way she felt.  Then she discovered The Natural Way and after losing over 24kg, Jenny is confident, much happier and enjoys going out again (oh, and she looks amazing too).  Read more about Jenny here…

Jenny had tried many diets throuslimmer2016_jennym_baghout her life but was trapped in the cycle of yo-yo dieting.  She would lose weight for a while but after a month or two, would go back to her old habits and put all the weight back on (plus extra).   She was getting desperate when she met a friend who had success on The Natural Way program so thought she would try it too.

Jenny started on the Health and Vitality program and was happy with how easy it was to follow – soon the weight began to drop and she never felt hungry.    And as the weight fell off, her confidence grew and she started dancing regularly and going out again.

Jenny says, ‘Now, I have lots of energy and vitality.  My daughters and some of my friends reckon I have had a personality transplant as well.  I could eat real food and go out to restaurants and not make a fuss about what I was eating.  I am very excited because I know with all my heart that my new lifestyle is maintainable and it suits me. And I still have support from The Natural Way’.

Jenny is just one of our slimmers currently competing for the title of ‘The Natural Way Slimmer Celebration winner’ for 2016.  If you have been inspired by Jenny’s story, you can vote for her here: .  The slimmer with the most votes on Friday 4th November will win $300, so vote for Jenny (or your favourite) now.

Jenny is a grandmother with two active grandsons and loves that she can keep up with them now.  If you feel you are missing out on having a full life because of your size, you need The Natural Way.  Call 1300 SLIMMER (1300 754663) today to make a FREE appointment to find out how we can tailor a program to suit your tastes, budget and lifestyle.  We have been helping our clients lose weight for over 35 years, so we know our program works.

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I am a naturopath for The Natural Way.
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