Anita is a Weight Loss Winner

Anita Hunter was a victim of the ‘gradual weight gain’ syndrome: she put on 2-3kg every year for the past 10 years and one day, realized that she weighed 30kg more than she did on her wedding day.  She knew that she had to ‘STOP’ the syndrome and, inspired by a friend who lost weight on The Natural Way, joined the program.  She is now almost 20kg lighter and feels like a totally different person.  Read her story below…   









Anita knew she was putting on weight and would try to lose weight herself – however, the 1-2kg she lost would quickly come back on.  Her friend Yvonne has great success on The Natural Way program, so Anita decided to give it a try as well.  Her consultant Kerrie got her started right before Christmas party season was about to kick in however, Anita managed to attend four Christmas parties in one weekend without breaking the program (very impressive effort).

Anita liked the accountability of the program and the support from her consultants.  Anita says, ‘I quickly saw the results on the program.  I am feeling really good.  It has fantastic going and buying that pair of skinny jeans and I have been forced to purchase several new dresses too.  Thank you Tomas and Kerrie (weight loss consultants at The Natural Way Ipswich) for all your support’

Anita is just one of our slimmers currently competing for the title of ‘The Natural Way Slimmer Celebration winner’ for 2016.  If you have been inspired by Anita’s story, you can vote for her here:  The slimmer with the most votes on Friday 4th November will win $300, so vote for Anita (or your favourite) now.

So if your weight has gradually increased with each passing year, do something about it now (just like Anita) .  Call 1300 SLIMMER (1300 754663) today to make a FREE appointment to find out how we can tailor a program to suit your tastes, budget and lifestyle.  We have been helping our clients lose weight for over 35 years, so we know our program works.

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I am a naturopath for The Natural Way.
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