Improve Sleep, Lose Weight

If you are trying to lose weight, it’s not just about food and exercise – the quality of your sleep will impact on your results too.  An analysis by researchers at Columbia University found that people that sleep less than 7 hours a night are heavier, gain more weight over time and have a harder time losing weight.  This week we will examine the reasons why you need to get more sleep if you want to keep your waistline under control.

Lack of sleep can cause your weight loss to stop

Lack of sleep can cause your weight loss to stop

  1. It stops late night snacking – The later you go to bed, the more likely you are to consume extra calories that you don’t need. Let’s face it, watching a late night movie and snacking tends to go hand-in-hand. 
  2. It helps burn more calories – Research has shown that those who have adequate sleep burn 5% more calories than those who are sleep deprived when at rest. If you body is missing out on precious sleep, it becomes ‘stressed’ – and this can ‘slow down’ your metabolism
  3. It helps you shop for healthier food – It’s dangerous to shop when you are hungry: but being tired is no better.  In a study published in the ‘Obesity’ journal, they found that sleep-deprived men bought an extra 1300 calories of food compared to well-rested males.  A lack of sleep can certainly cloud your judgement and this is dangerous when you are grocery shopping.
  4. It improves your fat burning ability – If you are missing out on valuable sleep and eat exactly the same amount as a well-rested person, you won’t drop as much weight as them.  The University of Chicago put 2 groups of overweight people on exactly the same calorie-controlled diet, but those got seven hours a sleep per night (or more) lost more weight than the ‘poor’ sleepers. 

Need we say more?  Sleep is valuable as crucial biological functions occur (such as muscle repair, cell regeneration etc) while you are getting some shut-eye.  However, if you are losing weight, it is even more important to get enough hours of sleep if you want  success on the scales.  If you find it difficult to wind down and go to sleep, stand by – next week, I will pass on some useful tips to help you ‘drop off’ to sleep much easier.    

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