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You Can Prevent Cancer

We all know somebody that has been diagnosed with cancer – this is because it is so common.  Cancer is the fourth leading cause of death in Australia.  It is estimated in 2016, 130 000 people will be diagnosed with … Continue reading

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Type 2 Diabetes: It’s A Serious Problem

Diabetes is the epidemic of the 21st century and the biggest challenge confronting Australia’s health system.  It is currently estimated that 1.7 million Australians have diabetes, with 85% of that number having Type 2 Diabetes.  Type 2 Diabetes is usually … Continue reading

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Drink Water, Lose Weight

Water is the MOST essential element needed for life.  Life cannot exist without water. We must constantly be adding fresh water to our body in order to keep it properly hydrated as your body is almost 60% water.  We can … Continue reading

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Why Do Biggest Loser Contestants Regain Lost Weight?

The Biggest Loser is a popular reality TV show where we get to watch the contestants diet and exercise to extreme levels in order to ‘win’ the title of having achieved the greatest weight loss.  However, their phenomenal results on … Continue reading

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What is a Weight Loss Plateau

There is nothing more disheartening than being really ‘good’ all week and then jumping on the scales to see that they have not budged!  A weight loss plateau can really ‘make or break’ your will-power, however, don’t think that the … Continue reading

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