Best Breakfast for Weight Loss

Breakfast – the most important meal of the day!  Not only does it ‘wake’ your body and gets you fuelled up for the day ahead but it can be a crucial part of your weight loss success (providing you eat the right thing).  This week we will be looking at new research which unveils the best breakfast to ensure maximum weight loss.


A university in Tel Aviv compared three different breakfast options — a high protein breakfast in which was protein-rich (from dairy foods & whey powder); a second high-protein option sourced from soy, fish or eggs and a cereal (carbohydrate) breakfast option.  Basically, there were 3 groups of overweight people who were assigned to eat one of the above breakfast options for 12 weeks with their weight loss recorded before and after the trial.

The results proved that eating a protein rich breakfast can more than DOUBLE your weight loss success when compared to the carbohydrate breakfast eaters.  That’s right:  those eating a dairy-based high protein breakfast lost an average of 7.6kg whereas the cereal eaters lost only 3.1kg (read more here: )

The Natural Way has been advocating the benefits of protein-rich meals for more than 30 years.  Protein does not raise your blood sugar levels (which means less of the hormone insulin is released), takes longer to digest in the gut and keeps your appetite satisfied for longer.  Make the switch to protein-breakfasts today and get ready to ‘feel’ the difference:  not just to your appetite but also your energy.

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