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What is Stopping You From Losing Weight?

You are not happy with the way you look and you know you need to lose weight…so what is stopping you?  There may be 101 reasons why you aren’t ready to lose weight, however, it may just boil down to … Continue reading

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Say Goodbye to Cottee’s Cordial – An Aussie Legend

It’s great to sit back and reflect on your childhood memories:  do you remember what you used to drink on a long, hot summers’ day?  If you are aged over 35, I bet it was cordial!  Speaking from personal experience, … Continue reading

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Best Breakfast for Weight Loss

Breakfast – the most important meal of the day!  Not only does it ‘wake’ your body and gets you fuelled up for the day ahead but it can be a crucial part of your weight loss success (providing you eat … Continue reading

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Is Gluten-Free Food Healthier?

How many people do you know that are gluten-free?  It is amazing that many people have jumped onto the gluten-free simply because they believe it is ‘healthier’ – but in actual fact, it often is not.  This week we are … Continue reading

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