What People Around the World Eat

I received a really interesting email a few weeks ago, which basically highlighted how people from various countries typically eat and what they spend on food weekly.  In fact, it was so interesting that I thought I would share it with you.  Open the following link in a new tab and read through my observations on the families in the photographs.  I have made some comments below and would love to hear your point of view too!  Just comment below the blog: http://www.demilked.com/what-the-world-eats/

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I guess we can all learn something from this, but the observations I would like to make include:

  • The Mexican family drink a LOT of Coke and I think (with the exception of the 2 younger children who may not even be allowed to have it) you can see that judging by the size of their collective girths. However, at least there is quite a bit of fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • The Ecuador family have no pre-packed food in their diet at all yet the ‘cook’ somehow manages to feed nine people…without opening a jar, bottle or packet. Excellent!
  • The family from Texas don’t appear to drink any softdrink! Generally speaking, both American families have a lot of bottles, jars, tins & packages on their tables (and pizza appears to be a staple) with not so much fresh food.  While the families representing USA are not obese, it does make you understand the role processed food must play in contributing to America being one of the most ‘overweight’ nations in the world.
  • Italy really is the land of carbs – check out all the bread and pasta however, there is little meat on the table. I love how much garlic they use in a week!
  • The Chinese family eat a great amount of fresh produce (and if they live in a rural area, probably mostly grown in their own garden).
  • In Egypt, it only costs $78 a week to feed 12 people! Amazing!!
  • The Australian family has one of the highest food costs (at $428 per week) yet probably have the highest proportion of pre-packaged food. If you look at the stove and bench in the picture, there is not one fresh food on it!
  • The German diet appears to be high in cured meats and beer: well, I guess it is the home of Oktoberfest.      
  • The family from Mali actually top the Egyptian for cost efficiency (it costs $2 / week to feed one person) – though the diet is very restricted which obviously is governed by food availability and, due to that, could put them at risk of nutritional deficiency.
  • The families in India and Japan obviously only have softdrink occasionally – which it really should be NOT an everyday staple
  • Japan eats the most fish hands down!

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