Stop Colds and Flu The Natural Way

Hooray!  We are at the tail end of Winter though the dreaded cold and flu ‘bugs’ are still around.  It’s important to safeguard yourself from nasty Winter viruses so this week I want to share with you some practical tips for protecting your immune system:   

Avoid colds and flus with The Natural Way

Avoid colds and flus with The Natural Way

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly: Did you know that most of the time you infect yourself with a virus simply by touching a surface that may be contaminated?  The first rule to avoiding infection is:  Never put your hands to your eyes, nose or mouth without washing them first.  Soap kills some of the germs on your hands directly, and helps to loosen those it doesn’t kill outright so they are more effectively washed off your skin.  In public restrooms, use a paper towel, where available, after washing your hands as it is more effective than use of a hand dryer.  Also, in public toilets, use a paper towel to turn off water taps and open doors after washing (to keep from reinfecting your hands, or picking up new germs).
  2. Avoid hospitals and doctor’s offices:  Sick people congregate in these places, so you can expect the air, door knobs, elevator buttons, hand rails, etc. to be infested with infectious agents of all kinds.  If you can’t avoid them, be extra cautious in these environments and be sure to carry your hand sanitiser with you.
  3. Watch Where You Shop:  Shopping trolley handles have been tested and actually found to have more germs than toilet door handles!    Checkout operators are another potential source of infection.  Since they handle money during cold and flu season, they are very likely to get sick during that time of year and pass it onto their vulnerable customers.

The Natural Way have their own ‘natural defence’ against the winter ‘nasties’.  We recommend the following three (3) formulations which combine to give you the best possible defence against colds and flus. These are:

  • FORMULATION C-1000 – It has been scientifically proven that all natural ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) can not only prevent the onset of a cold but also lessen its duration and severity.
  • FORMULATION D – our immune stimulant!!  This formulation blend contains both Echinacea and Golden Seal which are both specific immune boosters that help to improve your body’s resistance against disease / infection.
  • B+ ZINC & PASSIFLORA – Zinc is a mineral that plays a vital role in enhancing the function of the immune system.  Like Vitamin C, Zinc is an antioxidant and these work to help prevent the problem causing ‘virus’ damaging your healthy cells.

So if you want the best chance to be healthy this winter…dose up with The Natural Way & keep those colds away!  Call 1300 SLIMMER (754663) TODAY and speak to your friendly consultant about keeping your body healthy with our all-natural formulations.  If you don’t live near a clinic, don’t panic!  You can still have access to our fantastic formulations via our mail order system:  phone 0458 754663 and discuss your weight loss or health needs with Cora.

About Lose Weight With Sue

I am a naturopath for The Natural Way. We have 24 clinics nationally that help people to lose weight & educate on how to keep it off.
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