Debunking Nutritional Myths – Part Five

Today is the 5th installment of our blog series ‘Debunking Nutritional Myths’. This week, we are examining margarine, that so-called wonderfully healthy alternative to butter. Margarine was ‘invented’ in the 1970’s when there was a lot of fear about saturated fat, therefore the unsaturated fats in margarine were believed to be much healthier ‘spread’ for your sandwiches.  Little did we know back then just how bad margarine was for us: 

150612 Myth-busted

Myth #5 –Use Margarine instead of Butter

It was someone’s great idea to replace butter (which is rich in important fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K and the minerals magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and selenium) with margarine.  Butter was considered ‘bad’ due to the fat it contains being saturated which was once considered the fat that caused artery blockage and heart attacks.

Margarine is made from vegetable oils (usually sunflower) that are refined, bleached, filtered, deodorised and artificial colours and flavourings are added.  This processed mess is then turned into a spreadable form by a chemical process called hydrogenation.  Hydrogenation turns the liquid oil into a solid form as vegetable oils are not naturally solid at room temperature.

The hydrogenation process is now proven to be worse for heart disease than saturated fat!  This is simply because the vegetable oil is now ‘transformed’ into dangerous trans fats that are not well absorbed by the body, so they tend to accumulate in the arteries, triggering an increased risk of serious heart issues.

Butter is all natural and a much healthier alternative to margarine.  Just use in moderation OR if you want an even healthier ‘spread’ on your bread, try fresh avocado or NOTHING!

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