Debunking Nutritional Myths – Part 3

I hope you are enjoying our ‘Debunking Nutritional Myths’ blog series.  This week, I want to focus on one of my personal bug-bears i.e. artificial sweeteners.  Despite their negligible calorie and carbohydrate counts, they really do not help you to lose weight.  Find out why below: 

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Myth #3 – Artificial Sweeteners help you lose weight

It is peculiar to think that someone actually thought that pulling sugar out of food/drinks and replacing it with chemicals was a good idea.  WOW – obviously some scientist worked out a great way to make money from vulnerable people desperate to lose weight.  Do your best to avoid this stuff!  I mean, for a start, they are chemical sweeteners (that’s right made in a laboratory) and really, any excess chemicals in your body just adds to your toxic load, slows down your liver function and does goodness knows what else to your health.  We have all heard the rumours about artificial sweeteners being linked to an increased risk of cancer, auto-immune disease, nervous system dysfunction…the list goes on.

The scary thing is that artificial sweeteners are in many ‘diet’ soft drinks and even weight loss shakes.  However, there is now growing evidence showing that this stuff ‘kills’ the good bacteria in your gut which leads to a host of health issues including weight gain. The other problem is that that diet soft-drinks (and other artificially sweetened foods) over-stimulate your taste buds to ‘want’ something sweet due to the roller-coaster effect they have on your blood sugar levels….a weight loss disaster.

Herbal sweetener Stevia is a more natural alternative however, now it is commercially manufactured to such an extent that they probably add a range of chemicals to it to put it in tablet / powder form.  So the best way to kick your sugar habit is just stop having it – no softdrinks, not added to your tea /coffee etc.  Your taste buds soon adjust – it’s just a matter of perseverance.

The Natural Way is a holistic weight loss program that not only helps you to lose weight successfully but teaches you about good health & nutrition on the way.  So by the time you get to goal weight, you are an expert on how to keep your weight off – forever!  Call 1300 SLIMMER (1300 754 663) and book a FREE appointment to find out how our program can change your life.

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I am a naturopath for The Natural Way. We have 24 clinics nationally that help people to lose weight & educate on how to keep it off.
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