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Why Losing Weight Over 50 is Not Hard (Part 2)

This week we are continuing with part 2 of our blog series regarding weight loss over 50 – despite what you may think it is not impossible, particularly if you are losing weight The Natural Way (if you missed part … Continue reading

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Why Losing Weight Over 50 is Not Hard (Part 1)

Some people as they get older, ‘give up’ on losing weight.  They actually think ‘I’m too old to lose weight now, so why should I bother trying?’  Not only is this a defeatist attitude, it’s totally false!  Over the next … Continue reading

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3 Hilarious Ways to Lose Weight

Weight loss fads come and go – and over the years there have been some pretty radical and very funny ideas.  However, once people tried out these ‘fantastic’ weight loss aids (and realised that they didn’t work!), they simply disappeared.   … Continue reading

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3 Things About Successful Weight Loss You Never Knew

Going on a ‘diet’ to lose weight is one thing – but the key to successful weight loss is making a conscious decision to shed the kilograms and keeping focussed on your goal until you reach it.  Sounds simple in … Continue reading

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Keeping on Track over Easter

We Aussies certainly have a sweet tooth – you could say, we have a pretty big chocolate addiction.  Statistics show that Australians scoff around 110,000 tonnes of chocolate each year – which equates to a whopping 5.8 kilograms per person … Continue reading

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