Are You Feeding Your Kids Sugar Bombs?

Breakfast is a pretty crazy time of the day for most families – everybody is in a ‘rush’ to get to school and/or work, so eating something quick, easy and convenient is the best option.  A bowl of cereal fits the bill perfectly, however, there are only a few pre-packaged cereals on the market that really are healthy.  In fact, in news reports this week, the Obesity Policy Coalition have highlighted exactly how much sugar and salt some cereals contain – and the worst offender are the most popular ones that are marketed to children (see article:

There is nothing good about giving your kids this for breakfast

There is nothing good about giving your kids this for breakfast

The article lists the top 5 sugar laden cereals, with the amount of sugar per 100g, in descending order, these are:

  • Frosties (41.3g / 100g)
  • Fruit Loops (38g / 100g)
  • Coco Pops (36.5g / 100g)
  • Nutri-grain (32g / 100g)
  • Crunchy Nut Clusters (28.9g / 100)

Have you bought these cereals before?  The problem is with eating this much sugar, first thing in the morning, your kids will be simply ‘buzzing’ on a sugar high until about 9- 10am when, suddenly, their blood sugar levels will plummet dramatically – making them feel tired & moody.  This inevitable blood sugar dip occurs because these cereals are over-processed and, due to their sugar content, have a high Glycaemic Index (GI). The best way to avoid this blood sugar roller coaster is to stay well away from High GI cereals.  Instead, swap for a protein-containing breakfast like eggs on wholegrain toast with grilled tomato or even a smoothie that contains berries (naturally low in sugar compared to other fruits) and whey powder.

However, if you love your cereal in the morning, and don’t want to give it up, start reading the labels to work out exactly how much sugar you are having.  It is best to avoid those that have more than 15g sugars /100g:  you will be hard pressed finding many that fit within this guideline, however plain rolled oats, Vita Brits and All-Bran are you best choices.  Serve with milk and / or natural yoghurt and berries and you have a great, low-sugar, low-GI start to your day. You just need to work out how to convince your kids to change cereals (good luck with that!).

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