Top Nine Calorie Burners

Deciding to eat healthier to lose weight is great – however, the best way to get to your goal quicker is to exercise so you ‘burn off’ the excess calories AND fat cells.  If you have been meaning to start up your exercise routine – but haven’t quite got around to it – our blog this week focuses on the BEST activities you can do to really accelerate your weight loss (and get you fitter).

Find friends to walk with - it makes the time go so much quicker

Find friends to walk with – it makes the time go so much quicker

  1. Running – burns around 450 calories every 30 minutes
  2. Rock Climbing – you can burn around 371 calories every half hour. For the beginner, it’s probably best to start at an indoor rock climbing centre before venturing out to scale the side of a cliff-face.
  3. Swimming – every 30 minutes of swimming you do burns off around 360 calories. Not only that, exercising in water means that you are doing your joints a big favour, as it is non weight-bearing exercise.
  4. Cycling – depending on how fast you go, you can burn between 300-400 calories in a half-hour session. It’s also a great sport for not putting wear and tear on your joints.
  5. Boxing – every 30-minute session burns off around 324 calories. It’s also a great way to release tension & stress (visualize the punching bag as the person / situation who is causing you frustration – what a great way to get over your stress).
  6. Squash – while squash courts are few and far between these days, half an hour of playing high-intensity squash burns off around 300 calories. How good is that!
  7. Basketball – Playing on a team or just a one-on-one competition can help you to lose 288 calories in 30 minutes. If you have a basketball ring in a park near you, take the kids down and shoot some baskets.
  8. Rowing – it doesn’t matter if you have no water nearby, get into the gym and belt out half an hour on the rowing machine. You will burn off around 280 calories in 30 minutes
  9. Tennis – a vigorous game of tennis can be a lot of fun and help you to shed the calorie excess. Slogging it out on the tennis court for half an hour can burn off between 250-300 calories (depending on your level of skill).

If you don’t feel you are quite ready to try any of the activities listed above, just start by taking it a little bit easier.  Begin with walking at an easy pace for 15 minutes, but aim to go for longer every couple of days and, eventually, at a quicker pace.  A slow 30-minute walk can burn off between 90-150 calories which means if you manage to walk 5 days a week, you will expend between 450-750 calories – WOW!

The Natural Way has its own Walking Program which is packed with a lot more information about getting started.  Call us today on 1300SLIMMER (13007546663) to make a FREE appointment and find out why our holistic approach to weight loss is the BEST way for you to shift those stubborn kilograms.   After all, we have been helping Australians lose weight for 35 years, so we know that we can tailor a program to suit you.

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