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Are You Feeding Your Kids Sugar Bombs?

Breakfast is a pretty crazy time of the day for most families – everybody is in a ‘rush’ to get to school and/or work, so eating something quick, easy and convenient is the best option.  A bowl of cereal fits … Continue reading

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Top Nine Calorie Burners

Deciding to eat healthier to lose weight is great – however, the best way to get to your goal quicker is to exercise so you ‘burn off’ the excess calories AND fat cells.  If you have been meaning to start … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Cut Sugar Out of Your Diet

Sugar is emerging as THE evil food for the 21st century.  Two recent, best-selling books- ‘Sweet Poison’ and ‘I Quit Sugar’ (which are definitely worth a read) – explain in very simple terms why too much sugar is bad for … Continue reading

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Coconut Water: The Facts

The concept of eating paleo has certainly drawn a lot of media attention and, subsequently, foods endorsed by paleo gurus have become very popular.  One of them is coconut water which is the clear liquid found inside a young, green … Continue reading

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