Frozen Berry Health Scare Increases Need to Eat Local

No doubt, you have read that certain brands of frozen berries have been recalled in Australia this week due to being linked to causing Hepatitis A.   It seems that these berries were imported from Chile and China and, due to poor food hygiene standards in these countries, has now has sparked a massive health scare for all Australians. (Read more here: )

Nanna's frozen berries have been linked to Hepatitis A outbreak

Nanna’s frozen berries have been linked to Hepatitis A outbreak

The over-riding issue here is why did Australian food regulators allow contaminated berries into the country in the first place?  With cut-throat international competition, our own produce farmers are being undercut by other countries, and this is the consequence.  However, this ‘scare’ should encourage all consumers to re-examine their shopping habits and encourage us all ‘buy local’ – particularly with fresh fruit and vegetables.  The blog today will give you some great tips on how to shop to purchase Australian grown produce:

Buy Fresh

Frozen and canned food is often sourced overseas, so the best way to buy ‘Aussie’ is to stick with fresh foods!   If you do buy frozen & packaged foods, always check the country of origin of the ingredients.  Also, if you see an out-of season fresh fruits or vegetables being sold in a supermarket (e.g. stone fruit in the middle of winter) don’t buy it as it’s VERY likely to come from another country.

Shop at Farmers Markets

Shopping at farmers markets that feature locally grown products is a fun, easy way to increase the amount of local foods you purchase and eat. Google where your closest Farmers’ Markets are located (usually on the weekends) and become a regular shopper – often the markets are much cheaper (and fresher) than supermarket fruit & vegetables.

Grow Your Own

It does not matter if you are a green thumb, certain fruit and vegetables are so easy to grow.  If you are a gardening novice, start with fast-growing herbs like chives, dill & parsley, and then progress to fruit and vegetables like strawberries, tomatoes and lettuce.  Aim to make a meal using only your ‘garden-grown’ ingredients.

The Natural Way has always believed ‘fresh is best’ – this is the reason we do not have pre-packaged meals, diet shakes or meal replacements on our program.  Our clients lose weight by eating healthy meals made from (mainly) fresh foods.  That means while you will lose weight with us, your health will thrive as a result of the nutritious meals you are eating and the all-natural Chinese formulations you will take that helps bring your body back into balance. Call The Natural Way on 1300 SLIMMER (1300754663) to make your FREE appointment to find out how to lose weight….naturally.

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