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Frozen Berry Health Scare Increases Need to Eat Local

No doubt, you have read that certain brands of frozen berries have been recalled in Australia this week due to being linked to causing Hepatitis A.   It seems that these berries were imported from Chile and China and, due to … Continue reading

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Children Using Diet Shakes on the Rise

Having children is the biggest life-long responsibility you will ever have.  When you consider that you ‘mould’ your children’s development – in terms of their behaviour, manners and personality – then it is important that you are always a good … Continue reading

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3 Ways to ‘Get Off’ the Weight Loss Plateau

If your New Years’ resolution was to lose weight – and you have been dropping the kilos beautifully – but what happens if you hit the wall and your weight won’t budge?  It can definitely deflate your motivation when you … Continue reading

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Liver Detoxification – The Facts

The liver is the gateway to the body and, with all the chemicals it is subjected to, its detoxification systems are easily overloaded.  Thousands of chemicals are added to food, plants are sprayed with pesticides, animals are injected with hormones … Continue reading

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