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3 Reasons You Should Exercise (besides Weight Loss)

We all know that regular exercise is vital part of your weight loss program – quite simply, exercise just helps your body to ‘burn up’ those extra calories quicker and helps to improve your metabolism.  However, this is not the … Continue reading

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Three Reasons You May be Gaining Weight

No-one has ever said that losing weight is easy – but sometimes, despite your best efforts, you find the scales are moving in the wrong direction.  It’s frustrating and enough to make you give up on trying to be healthier.  … Continue reading

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Four Foods That Can Help You Lose Weight

You may remember that I wrote a blog a few months back, about the ‘3 Most Filling Weight Loss Foods’ (see: ).  However, do you know that there are certain foods with proven scientific benefits in helping you to lose … Continue reading

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Slim Niece Inspires Glenys’s Weight Loss Journey

Glenys Browne was only 12 months away from her 50th birthday and very aware that she was gradually putting on weight as each year passed.  However, Glenys’s motivation to lose weight came about when she found out her niece Brooke … Continue reading

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