Magda’s Dumped By Jenny Craig…AGAIN

You may recall back in March that I wrote a blog about weight loss company, Jenny Craig offering their previous ambassador Magda Szubanski the opportunity to lose her weight – AGAIN – under a very lucrative sponsorship deal (see blog here: ).  It seems that Magda found it difficult to keep up her end of the deal with Jenny Craig, as they announced last week that her contract has been terminated.  Jenny  Craig has been down this road before with Magda after abruptly ending her original contract with them back in 2011 (read the latest here:|home|nca-homepage-network-most-popular-newscomau|1|magda-loses-million-dollar-deal|homepage|homepage&itmt=1410330274024)

Magda's poor results on the Jenny Craig Program have led to her termination

Magda’s poor results on the Jenny Craig Program have led to her termination

The decision to re-sign Magda – and then terminate her contract only 6 months later – shows that no matter how much money someone is willing to give you to lose weight, it is not a guarantee that success will follow.  It is rumoured that Jenny Craig offered her $1.25 million to come on board again – yet, obviously, money can’t buy a slimmer you.  Basically, if Magda is not self-motivated or ready to lose weight, then it will be impossible.

A parallel dilemma can be made with smoking – must people who smoke know that they should give up, however, a smoker will not be successful in giving up until they are mentally ready to commit to it.

If you are thinking of losing weight, The Natural Way can motivate you to do it.  Our weight loss consultants are trained in supporting you to lose weight:  not just by giving fantastic advice but by encouraging and motivating you every step of the way.

We all know that a problem shared is a problem halved, so if you want to be slimmer and healthier, you need to call us on 1300 SLIMMER (1300 754663) – we can’t give you one million dollars to lose weight, but we can give you genuine care and support.  At The Natural Way, our goal is to get you to your goal.

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