Doctor Oz Versus Big Pharma

Last week, the USA Senate conducted a hearing on false diet-product scams and Doctor Oz had to ‘face the music’ regarding his blatant endorsement of natural weight-loss herbs on his TV show.  Senator Claire McCaskill stated that Doctor Oz was unethical in his description of how effective the these weight loss aids worked and also created an avalanche of ‘fly by night’, cheap imitation weight loss supplements to emerge on the market that were of poor quality and ineffective.  While it appears that Senator McCaskill is acting in the best interest of the consumers who buy these ‘scam’ weight loss products, it seems that her motivation is more driven by some big pharmaceutical companies who made large donations to her election campaign.

That’s right – Senator McCaskill received over $146 000 in contributions by the pharmaceutical industry to help fund her last election campaign, so it’s easy to guess who is pressuring her to make some noise at this hearing by publicly denouncing the use of natural weight loss supplements (read more here: )

Doctor Oz under fire at US Senate Hearing on Weight Loss Scams

Doctor Oz under fire at US Senate Hearing on Weight Loss Scams

Doctor Oz admits to being in some part responsible for the explosion of poor quality weight loss supplements and has gone to great lengths to shut down “scammy” supplement manufacturers in the past that have exploited his name for their own profits.  He states that part of the problem is that he has no commercial interest in selling these supplements so unethical weight loss companies use his photograph & quotes in their marketing.  Doctor Oz simply tells his audience about the latest research into weight loss herbs (think Garcinia Cambogia) and suddenly the market is flooded with poor quality imitation weight loss supplements that make outrageous claims.

If pharmaceutical companies started producing Garcinia Cambogia, do you think this hearing would be happening in the USA right now?  Of course not!  Pharmaceutical companies are driven by high profit margins and, no doubt, the explosion in the sales of Garcinia Cambogia has affected their sales of obesity drugs…and so Senator McCaskill is driving the campaign on behalf of the drug industry.

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