Smart Shopping – How to Read Labels

We have all heard the grim news that Australia is one of the most ‘overweight’ countries in the world – well, with 60% of our adult population overweight or obese it’s no wonder we are!  It’s important then, that when you go grocery shopping, you make healthy food choices to ensure you are purchasing the products that are the least ‘damaging’ to your waistline.  Over the next few weeks, our blog will focus on helping you to make the healthiest choices when you go grocery shopping.

Reading labels when shopping is important for helping you to make the healthiest choices

Reading labels when shopping is important for helping you to make the healthiest choices

When you first pick up a product in the supermarket, make sure you look at the ‘Nutritional Information’ on the label and read through the Ingredient List.  The ingredients are always listed in descending order of quantity i.e. the ingredient that is the most concentrated in the food will be the first in the list, the second most concentrated ingredient will be the next one on the list and so on.  So if you pick up a box of muesli bars and notice that ‘sugar’ is first in the list of ingredients, then those muesli bars’ contain a LOT of sugar – quickly put down those bars and look for another choice!

Sometimes, though, food manufacturers will try to ‘disguise’ bad ingredients by using other names for them. For example, sucrose, maltose (or anything else that ends in ‘ose’), malt and honey are just some of the alternative names for sugar that may feature on an ‘Ingredient List’- but at the end of the day, they are all really just sugar.  Occasionally, in an attempt to ‘hide’ the baddies from the consumer, the manufacturer may list sugar, salt and/or fat under 1-5 alternate names so their concentration in the food does not appear to be as high.  Did you know that Nutrigrain – apparently Ironman food – contains 3 different types of sugar?  If you read the ingredients of the cereal, you will find that sugar is the 2nd ingredient, followed by molasses as the 4th ingredient and then barley malt as the 5th.    Nothing like a sugar hit first thing in the morning!

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