Avoid The Easter Blowout

Easter is a 4-day holiday NOT a 4-day feast!!  Easter should be a time to relax and enjoy the company of family of friends rather than seeing how quickly you can polish off a box of Cadbury Roses.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s ok to have some chocolate over Easter, but by making discerning choices you won’t experience any guilt once the holiday is over. 

Dyeing boiled eggs with food colouring is a healthy alternative to the chocolate varieties!

Dyeing boiled eggs with food colouring is a healthy alternative to the chocolate varieties!


Firstly, all Easter eggs are not created equal.  The most important rule when buying one is to read the labels and think smaller.  While that large chocolate bunny might be very tempting, you would be better to stick with a smaller egg so you do not feel like you are ‘missing out’.  For example, a Cadbury Crème Egg weighs only 40g but still packs a pretty mean punch.  The Crème egg adds 183 calories to your body, which includes 7.3g of fat and 25g of sugar (so over half of the egg is sugar…no wonder it’s so sweet!).  You may feel a little deprived by only indulging in a smaller egg, but if this is all you have then the damage will be minimal (providing you stop at one!).

However, for 183 calories, you could eat 4.5 medium peaches or 5 punnets of strawberries and get a whole lot more nutritional benefit!  The other health consideration is that over half of the fat in the Cadbury Crème egg is saturated (as is the case for any other Easter egg), and that is the type of fat that is dangerous in terms causing heart disease & cholesterol problems.

If you know that it will be tough for you to stop at only one egg, then maybe you need to try another strategy.   Declare Easter a chocolate-free zone in 2014 and refuse to have any Easter eggs in the house at all.  If you have children, you can give them gifts instead.

Don’t forget to use The Natural Ways’ Endocrave.  This handy, pocket-sized chromium spray is perfect for nipping any chocolate cravings in the bud as it helps to stabilise your blood sugar levels.  Keep it on you at ALL times over Easter, and spray after meals as well as anytime you feel your resolve weakening.

We know that sometimes your will-power can get the better of you, but don’t worry!  Tomorrow is a brand new day and the best way to recover from a chocolate attack is to get back on track and focus on eating well.

The Natural Way wishes all of our blog followers a very Happy Easter.  If you would like to lose your weight once and for all, we can help you to do it.  Call us on 1300 SLIMMER (1300 754663) and book a FREE appointment with one of our lovely consultants.  You really can have your dream body, and we can help you all the way to your goal.

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