We have heard it all before:  Australians are currently in the grip of an obesity epidemic.  Perhaps what is more frightening is that we are getting bigger at a rate much quicker than experts had predicted.  In 2010, the OECD (The Organization of Economic Co-operation & Development) had estimated that by 2014, 60% of Australians would be overweight or obese.  However, by 2012 we had already exceeded that prediction with 63% of the population being overweight or obese.  How can this be happening?  It seems that new mums are the culprits.

Scientists believe that overweight, pregnant women who then go on to feed their child a high carbohydrate, high sugar diet in their early years are the main cause of the problem.  It seems that a childs’ eating habits are learned and ‘ingrained’ in their first five years of life, so if a child eats unhealthily, he/she will become overweight and more likely to continue to eat the same way throughout their adult life. (read more here: ).

Teaching your child bad eating habits can create a lifetime of obesity

Teaching your child bad eating habits can create a lifetime of obesity

Up until the 1960’s, new mums had little to offer their child in the way of ‘processed’ baby foods: much of what babies were fed when being introduced to solids, was simply pureed fresh vegetables, fruits and meats.  However, the wide variety and convenience of baby foods now available (often over-processed, thickened with carb-laden starch and flavoured with sugar), it seems our infants are getting the taste for ‘junk’ food and sticking with it.  Personally, I don’t blame the new mums for our obesity epidemic:  I think it’s the large multi-national companies who produce these types of nutritionally ‘empty’ foods and market them as being healthy.  Who are they kidding?

While The Natural Way does not endorse weight loss during pregnancy, we can certainly assist with a balanced, healthy-eating plan for the expecting mum.  That means a healthier pregnancy and baby and, once the bundle of joy arrives, both mum and bub can enjoy the benefits of better eating habits, so weight issues can be avoided later in life.

Don’t be an obesity statistic:  buck the trend and find your healthy weight.  If you are worried about your own weight and / or someone in your family, you need to speak to us.  Book your FREE appointment on 1300 SLIMMER (1300 754663) to find out about our program that can fit in with your lifestyle (rather that you changing your lifestyle to accommodate the weight loss program!).

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I am a naturopath for The Natural Way. We have 24 clinics nationally that help people to lose weight & educate on how to keep it off.
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