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Lifestyle – not Diet – May Be Reason Behind Weight Gain

If you are trying to lose weight at the moment, your focus may be entirely what you eat and how much exercise you do.  Of course, these are both important, however, there are lifestyle issues that you may need to … Continue reading

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Stress Causes Weight Gain

While stress is part of our lives, too much of it can have a huge impact on your health and weight. There are several ways in which stress can contribute to weight gain. One has to do with cortisol & adrenaline, … Continue reading

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Avoid The Easter Blowout

Easter is a 4-day holiday NOT a 4-day feast!!  Easter should be a time to relax and enjoy the company of family of friends rather than seeing how quickly you can polish off a box of Cadbury Roses.  Don’t get … Continue reading

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Biggest Loser USA Rapid Rebound Weight Gain

You may remember back in February I wrote about the Biggest Loser USA Winner, Rachel Fredrickson.  She lost an incredible 70.3kg to claim the crown, however, it was very evident that she was underweight:  she looked positively skeletal!  (read more … Continue reading

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We have heard it all before:  Australians are currently in the grip of an obesity epidemic.  Perhaps what is more frightening is that we are getting bigger at a rate much quicker than experts had predicted.  In 2010, the OECD … Continue reading

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