THE 5:2 DIET – Does It Really Work?

The latest ‘fad’ diet doing the rounds is the 5:2 diet.  In a nutshell, you eat normally 5 days a week, but for the remaining 2 days you must fast.  When I say ‘fast’ it is not total food abstinence:  if you are a woman, you can eat 500 calories on a ‘fast’ day, and a man can have 600.  This practice is referred to as intermittent fasting.

There is a book called ‘Fast Diet’ written by Michael Mosely & Mimi Spencer.  The authors claim that not only can the 5:2 diet help you to lose weight but also improve your health.  Apparently, practicing intermittent fasting on a regular basis can help to reduce your risk of dementia, cancer and diabetes.

Intermittent fasting = small meals!

Intermittent fasting = small meals!

I have a friend who tried the 5:2 diet and lost 8kg.  What she liked about it was that she did not feel ‘confined’ by what she was allowed to eat.  She just knew that on a fasting day, she could eat normally the next day so that helped her to cope a little better with the hunger pangs she experienced on the days she could only eat 500 calories.  She did admit though that on the 5 days per week when she could eat ‘anything’, she was making conscious choices to eat healthier meals, so how much of her 8kg weight loss is due to intermittent fasting?

My thoughts on the whole idea is simply that this is just another fad diet.  Let’s face it, no wonder people lose weight on it, they are not eating very much for 2 days a week and this alone will reduce their overall calorie intake for the week (resulting in weight loss). 

Finally, I am concerned about the long term effect on the metabolism if you restrict calorie intake periodically.   We know that in order for our metabolism to work well, you need to ‘feed’ it.  So semi-starving twice a week may make your metabolism ‘slow down’ as your body wants to ‘conserve’ its fuel. 

Overall, I think this diet – like lots before it – will come and go, however with over 30 years in the weight loss industry, The Natural Way is here to stay.  There is no fasting with our program – in fact, you can eat 3 meals a day and snacks 7 days a week AND still lose weight.  We even have a program where you can have a few drinks without affecting your weight loss results.

Book your FREE appointment on 1300 SLIMMER (1300 754663) to find out about our program that can fit in with your lifestyle (rather that you changing your lifestyle to accommodate the weight loss program!).

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