Magda’s Back at Jenny Craig

Weight loss companies sponsoring celebrities to lose weight is nothing new – for example, Mahlia Barnes (Jimmy Barnes’ daughter) is the latest ‘face’ of Weight Watchers.  The idea can backfire badly however if the celebrity being sponsored puts back on all of his / her lost weight.   Jenny  Craig has had this embarrassing problem more than once – Bert Newton and Rebel Wilson have both been ‘ambassadors’ of the weight loss program and were unceremoniously dumped due to regaining their lost kilograms.  It seems strange then that Jenny Craig has invited one of their more recent ‘failures’ to return and try to lose weight again:  yes, Magda Szubanski is back after having her contract with them terminated back in 2011 (read more here: )

A recent shot of Magda shows that she is definitely in need of shedding the excess kilos

A recent shot of Magda shows that she is definitely in need of shedding the excess kilos


It seems that Magda is very popular with the Australian public, hence the reason why Jenny Craig begged her to resume her weight loss journey for a sweet $1.25 million.  WOW!  That’s not bad seeing as though her success rate is not great.

While the lure of the money might be appealing to Magda (and to anyone really…I mean, who wouldn’t want 1.25 million dollars to lose weight), it is not a sure-fire way to get her back on the path of losing weight.  If Magda is not self-motivated, and decides to lose weight again strictly for the financial gain, she may find that her efforts will be in vain.

To be truly successful in losing weight, you need to be focused on your goal and very motivated –does Madga truly believe she CAN lose weight?  If she has no self-belief that she can ‘do it’ then the road to her success will be very difficult!

Remember Magda did actually lose weight with Jenny Craig the first time around (around 25kg in fact), but could not manage to keep it off!  What a shame she isn’t one of our clients – our Healthy Living is a complete guide to successful, long-term maintenance.  We teach our clients HOW to keep their weight off once they get to goal (it seems Magda really missed out on this first time around!).

So if you want to be slimmer and healthier, you need to call us on 1300 SLIMMER (1300 754663) – we can’t give you one million dollars to lose weight, but we can give you genuine care and support.  At The Natural Way, our goal is to get you to your goal…and keep you there!

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