Most Common Weight Loss Mistakes

Some of you may have made a New Years’ resolution to lose weight in 2014:  How is it going so far?  It is very easy to be motivated in January, but as the weeks’ pass, you can lose your enthusiasm, particularly if your results are not as good as they were at the start of the year.  Today’s blog focuses on common reasons why some people plateau when they lose weight – can you identify with any of these?

When the scales get 'stuck', it can be very frustrating - but we can help you!

When the scales get ‘stuck’, it can be very frustrating – but we can help you!

The Low Fat / High Sugar Confusion

Diets very high in unhealthy fats are not good for us, but diets very low in fat are equally damaging. Eating a lot of foods labelled ‘low fat’ can actually prevent weight loss as they’re also commonly high in sugar.  Take low fat yoghurt for example:  a 150g of Ski Soleil Vanilla yogurt contains 6.6g of sugar however 150g of Ski D’lite 99.9% fat free Vanilla yoghurt contains 21g of sugar – that’s over triple the amount of the ‘normal’ vanilla yoghurt.  It’s important to read the nutrition facts on the label of anything you’re eating.  Sugar is a big problem in diet and unfortunately, low fat and healthy-sounding foods are full of sugar due to the fat being removed and replaced with extra ‘sweet stuff’.

Too Little Sleep

If you are sleeping six or fewer hours a night, you are probably sabotaging all of your great weight loss efforts.  Sleep is very important as it allows our body to reset and repair itself.  Waking up sleep deprived can trigger the release of stress hormones and this can make you reach for something sweet and probably caffeinated to get going in the morning.  If you’re having a hard time falling asleep, try to avoid caffeine after lunch.  Additionally, try and eat at least 3 hours before you go to bed to ensure your stomach is not ‘churning’ when you are trying to get some shut eye.   Lastly, keep any sort of light out of sight.  Even a dimly-lit alarm clock can throw off your body’s sleep/wake cycle.

Another reason your weight loss might be faltering is that you are lacking accountability:  I mean, if no one is checking up on you, it is too easy to give up and go back to your ‘old’ ways.  This is where our program is invaluable:  once you join our program, we get you to come back each week for a weigh-in, measure and coaching session.  We can motivate you to stay on track all the way to your goal and, when you combine that with our fantastic formulations that are designed to ‘balance’ your body, your success is in the bag!   Find out more about our program by phoning 1300 SLIMMER (1300 754663) TODAY and book a FREE appointment .

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I am a naturopath for The Natural Way.
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