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THE 5:2 DIET – Does It Really Work?

The latest ‘fad’ diet doing the rounds is the 5:2 diet.  In a nutshell, you eat normally 5 days a week, but for the remaining 2 days you must fast.  When I say ‘fast’ it is not total food abstinence:  … Continue reading

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Fifi Box Unhappy About ‘Unethical’ Weight Loss Advertising

Almost every single time you log onto your Facebook account, a sponsored ad ‘pops’ up featuring a celebrity and their ‘amazing’ weight loss secrets.  Unfortunately, these advertisements usually are not endorsed by the celebrity featured:  in fact, the person may … Continue reading

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Magda’s Back at Jenny Craig

Weight loss companies sponsoring celebrities to lose weight is nothing new – for example, Mahlia Barnes (Jimmy Barnes’ daughter) is the latest ‘face’ of Weight Watchers.  The idea can backfire badly however if the celebrity being sponsored puts back on … Continue reading

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Most Common Weight Loss Mistakes

Some of you may have made a New Years’ resolution to lose weight in 2014:  How is it going so far?  It is very easy to be motivated in January, but as the weeks’ pass, you can lose your enthusiasm, … Continue reading

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