Winner of ‘The Biggest Loser’ USA is Too Thin

I know I have written about ‘The Biggest Loser’ for two weeks in a row now but the finale for the American season screened in the USA late last week…and there has been a lot of controversy ever since!  For the uninitiated, on the final show of the season, all remaining contestants have one last weigh in and the one who has lost the biggest percentage of weight is crowned the winner of the competition.  Rachel Fredrickson claimed victory after losing 70.3kg which was 59.6% of her starting weight.  However, it was her appearance that shocked the crowd – she looked like a walking skeleton!  What do you think of her photos below?   

Rachel Fredrickson, before & after

Rachel Fredrickson, before & after

Rachel is a 26 year old woman who was once a competitive swimmer.  However, once she stopped training, she piled on the weight and hence applied to be on the show to get her old body back.  Obviously, she is someone who is used to exercise and her competitive ‘killer’ instinct will let nothing stand in the way of winning – and, as a result, she won the competition but at what price to her health?  She is technically underweight with a BMI of 18 (a healthy BMI ranges between 20-25) and her low body fat ratio may cause more severe health problems like muscle wasting & hormonal imbalance.     The trainers were apparently ‘shocked’ at her appearance and the 47kg winner has caused quite a stir (read more here:

The problem is that the Biggest Loser rewards big weight loss – in fact, the more you lose the better the chance you have to win the prize!  However, the show is being criticized for not promoting SAFE and healthy weight loss and the lack of guidelines about healthy weight ranges has definitely backfired.  The other big question is weight maintenance:  will Rachel be able to stay at 47kg?

At The Natural Way, weight loss is never a competition.  We do not set impossible targets nor expect you to work out for hours and hours on end just to be successful (we leave that to The Biggest Loser!).  Instead, we let you set your own goal weight and work with you so lose your weight in a healthy way.  We promote delicious meals that your whole family will love and encourage you to exercise at your own pace – walking is fine!   Finally, we will teach you everything you need to know to keep your weight off once you get to your goal.

Phone 1300 SLIMMER (1300 754663) today and book an appointment with one of our caring consultants.  Your dream body is only a phone call away so go ahead and make 2014 YOUR Year!

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