Biggest Loser No Motivation For Overweight People

I am a fan of the Biggest Loser program – probably because I love seeing the results each week on the scales – however there times when I am literally horrified by some of the things that occur on the show.  And last week I witnessed a particularly low point:  The Sydney Opera House stair challenge.

For those of you who missed the episode, basically, the contestants had to complete the ‘Punisher’ challenge which entailed each of them climbing 10000 stairs.  As you can imagine, the season is young so the contestants are still very overweight and unfit which meant ALL of the contestants suffered, with some of them vomiting and requiring medical assistance (see more here:

Shannon helping Craig complete the 10 000 step challenge

Shannon helping Craig complete the 10 000 step challenge

My biggest bug-bear with this show is that they make weight loss look so hard due to the strenuous exercise regimes that the contestants have to undertake.  However, this is NOT the way weight loss has to be.  Of course Channel 10 will show you a contestant vomiting to add to the entertainment value of the show (really…they think that is entertaining), but to your average overweight person it is downright scary which will lead them to decide (a) to stay overweight and (b) never, ever get a personal trainer.

Weight loss at The Natural Way is not about punishing exercise regimes:  in fact, we believe that successful weight loss is NOT all about exercise…it is much more to do with what is on your plate for breakfast, lunch and dinner and getting your body balanced with the use of our exclusive formulations.  Our experienced weight loss consultants will guide you on your weight loss journey by personally recommending a program to suit your needs.  Once you get started with us, we will invite you back each week for a weigh-in and private consultation.  In that time, your consultant will work with you to answer your questions, teach you what are good/bad food choices and motivate you to stay on track until you reach your goal.  Once you get there, our Healthy Living maintenance program will ensure you know exactly HOW to keep your weight off.  Of course, we recommend exercise to help with your successful weight loss and maintenance however, this does not have to be until you vomit.  Walking is perfect!

So don’t be turned off by The Biggest Loser – weight loss is not about pain & punishment.  Call us on 1300 SLIMMER (1300 754663) to make a FREE appointment to speak to a caring consultant about our fabulous program.  With over 30 years in helping our clients lose weight, we know we can help you too!

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