New UK Obesity Pill is a Whole Lot of Hot Air

I love blogging about the ‘latest’ weight loss diet / drug / fad – and the more peculiar they are, the better!  This one fits right in the ‘Are You Serious?’ category:  Scientists in the UK have just released a miracle obesity loss pill that will help you to lose weight through ingesting a ‘pill’ that contains a balloon.  This balloon will inflate in your stomach (really?) which will, in turn, suppress your appetite.

Yes, you did read it right.   So the way it works is that you swallow the pill,which is attached to a very thin tube.  Once the pill is in your stomach, the coating dissolves, and gas is put into the tube to inflate the balloon in your stomach.  Once inflated, the tube is removed, leaving the balloon in the stomach with no anaesthetic is required.  There is a similar surgical procedure performed in the UK, so this pill will help to reduce the ever-increasing number of weight loss operations occurring in the country.

And you thought balloons were only used for parties...

And you thought balloons were only used for parties…

This treatment is called the Obalon balloon and if you pay the over US$6650 for this treatment, you will receive 3 balloons over a 12-week period.  The balloons must be removed and are taken out via the eosophagus (wind-pipe) under local anaesthetic.  (Read more here:

I’m sorry, but this ‘solution’ to obesity is right up there with tapeworm swallowing solution (read  blog here:  What type of answer to obesity is swallowing an ‘object’ that is totally foreign to your body and fraught with potential to cause some serious side-effects to your health?  What’s more, it’s all well and good to have a balloon in your stomach to stop you physically over-eating…however, this quick-fix approach does nothing to educate the ‘balloon swallower’ on how to eat and good food choices.  So one does wonder what happens to the person once the balloon is removed from their stomach for good?  No doubt, back will come all the lost weight.

At The Natural Way, we can deliver much better weight loss results without serious side effects!  Our program is all about eating balanced, family-friendly meals while taking our exclusive herbal formulations and receiving private support and motivation from your caring consultant.  Natural and safe, The Natural Way can give you the weight loss answer you are looking for…without risking your health!

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