Proud New Mum Criticized for Underwear Photo

During pregnancy, the transformation of an expecting mum’s body is truly remarkable.  However, it’s the sudden gain of extra weight during the pregnancy which can be difficult to lose once the baby is born.  Countless times, at The Natural Way, we have encountered ‘new’ mums who are desperate to get their pre-baby bodies back and it can be tough to focus on weight loss and caring for a new baby all at the same time.  However, for new mum Caroline Berg Eriksen it doesn’t seem to be a problem – she recently caused an uproar when she posted a photo of herself in only underwear and flaunting her amazingly toned stomach just four days after giving birth.

Caroline's post-baby body - that's just not natural!

Caroline’s post-baby body – that’s just not natural!

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The amazing photo (I mean really, this woman had a baby 4 days ago?) was widely criticized simply because social commentators believed that it put a lot of pressure on mums to get back into shape as soon as they give birth.  I guess they have a point really – shouldn’t  a mother’s first priority be their new baby rather than spending hours in the gym?

Not only that, a young mother could look at a photo like this one and wonder ‘what’s wrong with me?  Why don’t I look like this 4 days after giving birth?’  Potentially these thoughts could cause her to try some type of crash-diet which could severely affect her health (both physically and emotionally) and create breast-feeding difficulties.

So is Caroline socially irresponsible?  It’s easy to see both sides of the argument and hey, I am one all for ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it’.  However, young women who see this photo need to realize that this body is NOT the norm and getting their pre-baby body back takes time.  Let’s face it, this woman is genetically gifted, her body is incredible BUT no-one can expect to ‘bounce back’ quite like this!

At The Natural Way, we have a range of weight loss programs that we can tailor to suit the needs of our clients including breastfeeding mums.  We help new mothers to lose weight safely and without harming their health OR that of their precious child.

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