Obese Two Year Old Gets Weight Loss Surgery

I found this article online last week and instantly felt sick:  did you see it?  A two year old boy, who weighed a massive 33kg, underwent obesity surgery and is the youngest person ever to undergo such a procedure.   To make matters far worse, the poor child received a ‘gastric sleeve’ which is an irreversible procedure where the child will face a lifetime of eating tiny meals and potential nutritional deficiencies.  Read more about the procedure here:   http://news.ninemsn.com.au/world/2013/09/20/05/12/two-year-old-has-weight-loss-surgery

Weight Loss Surgery:  A Gastric Sleeve procedure  involves most of the stomach being removed.

Weight Loss Surgery: A Gastric Sleeve procedure involves most of the stomach being removed.

 Surely, allowing your child to become morbidly obese has to be a crime:  these parents need to be charged with child abuse.  A person who chooses to be inactive and makes constant unhealthy food choices will inevitably end up overweight however he/she has made conscious choices which has led to their weight issue.  However, a toddler who relies purely on his parents for meals are, unfortunately at the mercy of the poor food choices they make.  Result?  This child will never have a normal functioning digestive system.

A gastric sleeve is a drastic procedure which (as I mentioned) is permanent – basically around 60% of the stomach is removed, so meals (FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE) have to be very small and chewed thoroughly.  Over-eating and drinking will result in vomiting but this is only one of the minor side-effects:  as mentioned , nutrient deficiency is a common side-effect, but there is also increased risk of leakage, infections and pneumonia.

Weight loss surgery is not a decision that anyone should make lightly:  there are long term side-effects and, probably the most frightening fact is that it weight loss is NOT guaranteed.  There are many people who have had weight loss surgery and, after some initial weight loss, have put their weight back on. 

The best way to lose weight is to change your lifestyle:  and that is what The Natural Way can help you to do!  We know that losing weight is not a quick fix, rather a process where you are educated about making the right food and lifestyle choices.  Through understanding the process of losing weight and keeping it off, The Natural Way will ensure your weight loss is forever.  Our Healthy Living and FREE maintenance visits, once you get to your goal, will ensure that your weight will never be an issue for you again.        

If you are frustrated with your unsuccessful attempts to lose weight then you need to phone us on 1300 SLIMMER (1300 754663).  Make a FREE appointment with one of our caring weight loss consultants and you will see why our solution to your weight issue is safe, effective and forever.

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I am a naturopath for The Natural Way. We have 24 clinics nationally that help people to lose weight & educate on how to keep it off.
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