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What is Stopping Your Weight Loss?

You may be currently on a weight loss program, and doing quite well, but suddenly – for no apparent reason – your weight loss stops.  There is nothing more frustrating particularly when you are doing everything ‘right’.  However there are a … Continue reading

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Obese Two Year Old Gets Weight Loss Surgery

I found this article online last week and instantly felt sick:  did you see it?  A two year old boy, who weighed a massive 33kg, underwent obesity surgery and is the youngest person ever to undergo such a procedure.   To … Continue reading

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Janice Ditches the Excess Kilos

 Have you ever been oblivious to a problem that was literally staring at you in the face?  For example, you may have noticed that your car was getting pretty low in petrol but you quickly forgot about it UNTIL that … Continue reading

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Tony Ferguson Weight Loss Program In Financial Trouble

There has been so many diet companies that have come and gone over the years – Gloria Marshall, LA Weight Loss, Metabolism Centre (see link here: and now another BIG NAME is facing an uncertain future in the weight … Continue reading

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A Little Bit of Exercise Equals a LOT of Weight Loss

It’s no wonder obesity levels are rising in Australia…more people than ever are eating fast food daily and our lifestyles are becoming increasingly sedentary.  Let’s face it:  children are trading playing games outdoors for spending time inside (thanks to X-Box).  … Continue reading

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