Lose Weight in Winter: It’s Much Easier

Its winter and you are hungry: when it’s cold outside, you feel like sitting on the couch, snuggled up in a blanket and eating!  Do you know why you feel like eating more in winter? And do you know why we can actually take advantage of winter to lose and not gain weight?

Lose weight in winter and watch your jeans literally fall off by Spring!

Lose weight in winter and watch your jeans literally fall off by Spring!

Your body keeps its temperature at 37˚C all year long, but in winter your body needs to make a big effort to keep its inner temperature within the normal range.  This increases your body’s metabolism because in winter your body making an extra effort to maintain a ‘normal’ body temperature.  So losing weight in winter is a GREAT idea simply because you will be getting a ‘natural’ boost to your metabolism (thanks Mother Nature).   

The downside of the boosted metabolism is that hunger increases because your body is asking for more energy to stay ‘heated’ and this energy is obtained through the food you eat!  Your appestat centre telling your body you are hungry:  this is the part of our brain is responsible for feelings of hunger and satiety (i.e. the appetite being satisfied).  Recent scientific research shows that your appestat centre can be inhibited by the heat (or a hot weather), which means your appetite is naturally reduced during the summer months.  However the downside is that being cold can make you feel really hungry.  EEK!  So you have to find a way to keep your appetite under control over winter.

Therefore, it makes much more sense to choose foods or drinks that have the capacity to increase heat (or Yang) in your body, as these will not just help to keep you ‘warm’ but decrease your desire to eat as well.  Follow the tips below to ensure you  make the right choices over winter: 

1-      Eat HOT meals.  Meals that are heated will give you the sensation of fullness and you will eat less.  

2-      Add spices like chilli, onion, garlic, ginger, curry, paprika etc to your cooking.  Spices like these certainly add heat to a meal while also being super low in calories!  

3-      Eat lots of soups!!!  We have some great soup recipes in our Recipe Book (see http://www.thenaturalway.com.au/ for more information).  If you are busy during the week, get into the habit of making up a pot of soup on the weekend and then storing it in 5 plastic containers in your fridge:  this takes care of lunch for the next week!     

4-      Drink lots of herbal hot teas (The Natural Way herbal tea being the drink of choice of course) in place of chilled water and cold drinks. 

The Natural Way have some great weight loss plans that are perfect for winter – in fact, we have a program called ‘Your Choice – Winter Plan’ and it only offers hot breakfast, lunch and dinner choices (no salads for lunch:  yay).   

Call us today on 1300 SLIMMER (1300 754663) and book a FREE appointment to find out more about our fantastic Winter Plan.  We certainly can help you to get slim before spring rolls around. 

Find out more by visiting our website:  http://www.thenaturalway.com.au/

About Lose Weight With Sue

I am a naturopath for The Natural Way. We have 24 clinics nationally that help people to lose weight & educate on how to keep it off.
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