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Diet Drinks Cause Diabetes

If you have been watching your waistline, you probably ditched full-sugar soft drinks in favour of the diet variety.  While diet soft-drinks are definitely lower in calories (most having between 1-5 calories per can), recent research shows that that choosing … Continue reading

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Health Benefits of Soup

Now that Winter has well and truly set in, you have probably found that the prospect of eating a cold salad for lunch is not so appealing.  Your body definitely talks to you when the weather cools down, and it … Continue reading

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Lose Weight in Winter: It’s Much Easier

Its winter and you are hungry: when it’s cold outside, you feel like sitting on the couch, snuggled up in a blanket and eating!  Do you know why you feel like eating more in winter? And do you know why … Continue reading

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Is Losing Weight for Dollars the Best Motivation?

One of the questions we ask a new weight loss client is ‘What is your main reason to lose weight?’ Answers to this question vary from person to person, however the most common responses are comments like ‘to improve my … Continue reading

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