14 Year Old Burger a Cause for Concern

You know that if you left a piece of bread on a plate on your kitchen bench for 2 weeks, it would be covered in mould and not at all suitable to eat!  I mean, fresh food will go ‘off’ if you don’t eat it within a reasonable time.  You would assume that this would be true for all food – including fast food – but think again.  A man in the USA has recently received a lot of media attention because he has kept a McDonalds burger for 14 years…and it looks exactly the same!

14-year old McDonalds burger...frightening!

14-year old McDonalds burger…frightening!

David Whipple originally bought the burger back in 1999 planning to keep it for a month to see how long food loaded with preservatives ‘keeps’ for.  After noticing no change in the burger after a month, Mr Whipple put the burger aside (and promptly forgot about it) for two years and, when he rediscovered it again, was surprised to see the burger looked exactly the same.  With that in mind, Mr Whipple decided to carry the experiment on indefinitely – and now, 14 years later, the burger (without refrigeration) looks exactly the same with the exception of the pickle which has began to deteriorate.  Read more about the burger experiment here:  http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/food/mcdonalds-burger-that-looks-the-same-as-day-it-was-cooked-14-years-ago/story-fneuz8zj-1226628424189

If you ever needed a reason to never go to McDonalds again, then this is it!  Fresh food should decompose and break down after a period of time so you really have to wonder exactly how much nutritional value a McDonalds burger has?  None obviously!  So the next question is:  if McDonalds burgers are not real food, what exactly are they?  I think we can safely say the burgers are simply just empty calories, with no nutritional value and a truckload of preservatives.   Millions of people consume fast food every day, so it’s no wonder that obesity-related illnesses are the number one cause of death in the Western World.  

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2 Responses to 14 Year Old Burger a Cause for Concern

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  2. Leonard Wass says:

    Not even the mold will touch it.

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