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Biggest Loser Finale Gives Freak Results

Ok, so here we go again, another post about The Biggest Loser – but it may be the last one for a while.  This week, the Biggest Loser officially ends with the Grand Finale show being aired on Tuesday 28th … Continue reading

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Avoid Winter Weight Gain

BRRRRR….I woke up this morning and thought to myself, “Yes, Winter is definitely here!” The cooler weather combined with wearing layers of ‘forgiving’ winter clothes and desire to eat comfort foods means that it can be very easy to put … Continue reading

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Obie Sheds His Skin

You may remember that in September last year, I posted a blog about a daschund called Obie who was literally eating himself to death!  Poor Obie seemed to have a big appetite (and generous  owners) and weighed in at 35kg … Continue reading

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14 Year Old Burger a Cause for Concern

You know that if you left a piece of bread on a plate on your kitchen bench for 2 weeks, it would be covered in mould and not at all suitable to eat!  I mean, fresh food will go ‘off’ … Continue reading

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